Social Media Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

“In today’s time social media is actually the place where people reside most of the time.” Give it a thought , that if the presence of your business / service is not there on social media platforms then – Aren’t you missing out on a lot while planning out for Social Media Marketing?

Although , the answer is pretty clear that you are losing out on your customers who are willing to connect with your brand. For effective marketing , social media is the best platform to step upon . Along with that it’s not at all expensive unlike Traditional Marketing methods.

So, Here are some of the best & easy Social Media Marketing Tips that will help you in attracting customers , driving sales & thus giving new heights to your Business.

Let’s Begin:-

1.) Planning should always be the First Step :

“A good Digital Marketing strategy cannot begin without proper planning for the future.” Thus, it always necessary to focus on the following points while planning out for Social Media Marketing:-

  • Define your Objectives: If you are stepping ahead with Marketing , then one fact is obvious that you definitely have the objective in mind as to what you want to achieve from this. It could be Lead Generation , Website/Blog Traffic , raising conversions rate , etc. Have a clear goal in mind & also decide the time you want to invest in it for effective results.
  • Keep track of competitors: Analyse the strategies used by your competitors to promote their brand. Never ever make the mistake of copying it for your business . Instead , try to Think Out Of The Box & implement something different. For example:- If your competitor is offering special offers & discount for driving sales of his/her cosmetic products then to stay one step ahead you can plan out a contest to attract customers. So, the Contest could be let’s say – All those who will send us their best makeup looks using our product can get a chance to win an exciting hamper from our side.
  • Timing Matters A Lot: Always plan out that How you’ll make the right content reach at the right time to the right set of audience. Plan out the frequency of posts across various channels. Using social media to always promote your brand could have reverse results than what you expect , so make it a habit of using the 80:20 rule to promote your brand vs providing with some useful information or facts or some educational content to strike a proper balance.

2.) Choosing the Right Social Media Platform :

Based on the following details of audience segmentation on various social media platforms you can plan out which platform(s) will serve you best :-

  • Facebook : It’s one of the most diverse channels as it has users from all perspectives we count in Demographics(i.e age , location ,etc). Facebook can be primarily used for Building Brand Awareness , Lead Generation using Facebook Ads & for Driving Conversions through Engagements.
  • Twitter : Twitter’s demographic ranges from the age group of 18-35. Twitter can be used for Building Brand Awareness. Though Lead Generation option is also there but Lead Generation is more popular with platforms like FB , Insta & LinkedIn.
  • Instagram : Here the audience is younger comparative to all platforms except Snapchat. Also it has Mobile-only Network. Instagram can be used for Driving Sales & Lead Generation through ads. Also , here you can build your Brand Awareness by visually appealing content.
  • LinkedIn : It’s a Professional Network with mature audience. It has an effective Lead Generation option especially for Business to  Business Framework. Also , here you can post for new job recruitment for hiring potential & deserving candidates.
  • Pinterest: It’s a popular platform especially among girls & women to look for fashion trends , accessories , DIY , wedding , travel , etc. Here you can Build Brand Awareness by promoting the interesting content through boards. Because of visually appealing content the chances of having more Website/Blog Traffic increases.
  • Snapchat : The social media platform with the youngest audience aged 15-25. Snapchat can be used for posts like storytelling or behind the scenes videos in order to directly interact & engage with fans.

Note: Make sure your target audience is present on the channels you have chosen for targeting them.

3.) Variation is all you Need :

According to a study , 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visualization creates a great impact as what is appealing to the eyes definitely attracts.

Now for promoting your posts & creating engagement you need to ensure that you use variety of visualiztion mediums such as videos , GIF’s , memes , images , etc. Don’t just stick to a single category of post for Building Brand Awareness or Driving Conversions.

You can refer to this video by Ixigo as an example of How the content should be promoted so that it connects with people & makes an impact :-

4.) Right Tools = Better Results :

Promoting posts on different social media channels on a regular basis can be a hectic task , especially if you are working on more than one brand / service.

But what if I say that all your social media marketing work can be easily handled just by using one tool thus saving your time as well.

Using Hootsuite you can easily schedule your posts across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIn , etc . You can also keep track of conversation / comments on your posts across all platforms & that too through a single dashboard.

What can me more time-saving or user-friendly than this.

5.) Tracking & Monitoring :

Responding to comments on your post is a good practice but along with that you need to ensure that you are socially listening as well.

Listening socially means that you are monitoring social media channels to look for mention of your brand / product or any other term related to your business in any post.

The best example of socially listening can be taken from Cafe Coffee Day. This is because whenever anyone shares their foodie experience they had at Cafe Coffee Day – they always make sure to repost it using appropriate hashtags.

You can refer to the same by visiting this link :-

This is what you should utilize to the fullest as when a customer speaks about you it can serve as a great attraction for your target audience.

Also ensure to keep a track of how your post is performing across various social media channels. Platforms like Facebook have tools such as Page Insights to help you track performance of your social media marketing strategy. You can always make small changes over time to boost your success even more.


DigiLogic always aims to bring forward the Best Digital Marketing tips & tricks so that it can be of a great help to you when you plan out your marketing strategy. Still, hearing the same from your side will give us more satisfaction . Also , your feedback / suggestions are always welcomed.

If you want a Blog on any particular topic related to Digital Marketing , feel free to mention it in the comment section.

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Very helpful social media marketing tips.