Top 5 SEO Strategies To Rank Your Business In 2019

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The first & foremost important strategy of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because the ultimate aim of any brand is to become popular among people & for that SEO serves you the best to reach your target audience. With the help of SEO , you’ll drive more traffic on your website & thus higher chances of ranking on top in the search results.

Although , many people have misconception that just by adding keywords to your content on website you can attain the benefits of SEO. But it’s actually much more than that & thus it has a wide scope. And that doesn’t means that we skip this part as we may actually miss out on something very beneficial from our business point of view. When it comes to digital marketing we can’t miss out on its key strategies especially SEO . Also , for always staying ahead against your competitors you need to focus on each & every aspect.

Let’s Learn about the SEO strategy points to be followed while planning out your Digital Marketing Campaign :-

1.) Device Friendly Website :-  

According to the statistic report  published on , 61% of traffic on social media comes from smartphones / tablets . Also , on an average 51% of the time spent online is on mobile devices. Now, based on the statistical data you can yourself decide that if your website isn’t mobile friendly what negative impact it can cause on your rankings by increasing the bounce back rate.

Also , make sure that along with being device friendly your website loads quickly as well because in today’s fast track world no one likes to wait for a long time & as a result they switch onto something else. You can check your website speed with the help of tool called & for checking mobile friendliness you can use Google Page Speed Insights tool.

2.) Acquiring Back-links :-

Search engine bots regularly crawl websites + they also crawl websites which they find as a link on another websites. So, you can yourself imagine that if the link to your website is found on other websites , bots will definitely crawl your website as well & it can act as a valuable asset for your rankings. But don’t forget to check for good links vs bad links i.e a website with lower rating having a link to your website will affect the ranking of your website as well.

Three factors to check while acquiring back-link from a website are :- Traffic , DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) Traffic should be more than or equal to 10000 , DA > 15 & PA > 20 . For checking DA & PA use tool :- For checking Traffic :- Install similarweb extension on your browser.

3.) Target Market with the Right Content :-

With the help of SEO you want to grab traffic towards your website but does grabbing traffic is enough ???? Well the answer is a big NO because what would you do with the traffic that is not at all related to the niche you are dealing in.

So, focus on your target market & then design your content accordingly. Always keep in mind to create content that’s easy to read and understand. Touch the emotional points & solve the problems people usually face through your writings. Because when people don’t know about you then it’s only your content that makes you stand out from others. Make sure to use keywords appropriately in your content for better search ranking results.

4.) Being Active on Social Media :-

Today social media has become the widest & fastest growing platform. If you are not socially active you are definitely missing out on a lot. Choosing the right keywords , designing good content , acquiring back-links will definitely help you but to an extent. On the other hand if you are socially active along with all the above stated points you are for sure boosting your business.

Create pages for your Business on social media platforms like FB , Insta , LinkedIn , etc and promote your website / blogs through creative posts. Engage audience through social media which will ultimately direct them towards your business at a more faster pace.

5.) Monitor your results :- 

For better & up to the mark results you need to continuously monitor what’s working right & what’s not. Start from the very first step , i.e let’s say analyse your keywords & make change in them for better. Then analyse that was it helpful in increasing ranking or traffic. In the initial phase start by little amendment / change so that you can easily figure out what benefited you & what not.

Also , always keep a track on the type of strategy adopted by your competitor . This will help you stay updated & always a step ahead. Start attracting & engaging audience by organic means & later when you gain popularity you can always boost it by the means of paid advertising as well.

Conclusion :-

Hope the above strategies helps you out in planning out your SEO strategy. For any doubts/suggestions feel free to comment & let me know. Also, it would be great to hear from you if you would want a blog on any particular topic related to Digital Marketing.

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