Digital Marketing Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss

Digital Marketing Benefits

Have you ever imagined a car without a steering or a motorbike without a handle? Well that sounds odd !! . Right. Similarly, when we are well aware that Marketing is basically targeting the right audience & that too at the right point of time in order to ensure business growth then How can we neglect Digital Marketing which acts like a steering to guide the whole marketing process in today’s time & thus you can’t afford to miss Digital Marketing Benefits .

However , there has always been a myth that How come Digital Marketing can be so important in comparison to Traditional Marketing which is still being continued till date. As a result, people often have a misconception that it would be really complicated to market your business digitally.

Therefore, you can’t conclude anything before you yourself experience it . And if you still have doubts that how can it be the case then these Top 5 Digital Marketing Benefits will definitely change your point of view :-

 Cost Saving

1.) Digital Marketing is Cost-Saving

You must have heard a very famous quote by Bradley Vinson :-

“Money is a tool ,Used properly it makes something beautiful ; used wrong it makes a mess !!

 This saying very well applies here , as you can yourself imagine that if we go by the traditional marketing methods ,

For instance :- say advertising on Television or advertising through print media ,then you would actually require a good investment amount because television ad would cost you approximately 3,50,000 Rs. for just 10 seconds & a standard size ad in newspaper would cost you approximately Rs.3500 to Rs.5000.

But on the other hand , if you advertise it digitally , i.e say through Google Ad or Facebook Ad  then on an average per user click on your ad would cost you approximately between $1 – $2 only.

Just imagine the amount of money you could easily save just by being digital.

Wider Reach

2.) Wider Reach

As per a statistical report , Google receives 63,000 searches per second in a given day. Therefore , it should be a clear indication to you that how many people are dependent on online platforms to search for any information , it could be any product or any service as well.

In addition to that now, you only decide whether it’s a good option to target just a few customers with the traditional marketing methods or you wish to reach them globally. The answer is quite obvious & this is actually possible & there are many digital marketing tools for the same – For instance there are Facebook ads which gives you the option to choose your target audience as per their age , gender , location , etc.

Thus increasing your business reach to more & more people.

Measurable Results

3.) Easily Measurable Results

The best outcomes are counted when customers actually speak & spread word about your business.

But can you actually measure the outcomes of traditional advertising ???

Because there is no way to know that How many people actually read your advertisement in newspaper or How many people watched your ad on television or they simply switched the channel.

But Digital Marketing offers you detailed analytics result , as with the help of tools like Google Analytics you can actually come to know how many people clicked your ad , traffic on your website , their response towards your advertisement. After that , if you feel that  the outcome is still not accurate then you can easily determine what actions need to be taken.

Speedy & Easy

4.) Speedy & Easy

” Time is Precious ” & it’s surely more when it comes to Business.

So ,ever wondered that How can you save the time which is spent on planning & designing of Boardings & Banners for Business. Though they might sound grand for promoting business but they are definitely not speedy as well as easy.

But on the other hand if you opt for a digital advertising campaign , it is comparatively very fast as its just a click away plus the added advantage is you can easily change it as per your requirements whenever you need & that too simply by clicking few buttons.

Therefore , now you can decide for yourself that whether you want to take a long time & still reach a limited number of people or within a short span reach to the world out there.

Digital Marketing is The Ultimate Solution

5.) Digital Marketing – The Ultimate Solution

What could be “The Ultimate Solution ” for a business who is facing many challenges regarding its growth ?

Well, we can sum it up that the solution will be Higher returns , Attracting more & more customers , Cost – effective strategies , etc .

But what if we say that all this comes in a single package & that is Digital Marketing.

Yes, you heard it right. The above 4 points clearly described this but think deeply that marketing your products/ services digitally gives you chances of Higher Conversion Rates  i.e. In other words , people who just came to know about your business will turn into your loyal customers. And when you have the support of your loyal customers you can definitely stand against your competitors in the market & generate good revenue as well that too with the minimal money that Digital Marketing requires in comparison to Traditional Marketing.

Last but not the least , ” It connects you with Mobile Consumers ” . No need to be shocked because today the teens & the youth mostly spent their time on mobile looking for various products/services , so digital marketing connects you with them as well which you actually have missed out in case of traditional marketing.

Conclusion :-

I hope that the above stated Top 5 Digital Marketing Benefits would definitely have cleared your misconceptions regarding the same (if any ) & would have given you a new insight towards being digital.

Please let me know your views regarding the same in the comment section below or you can contact me as well regarding the same. DigiLogic is always open to your valuable feedback.

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